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I have studied the questionable nature of the official version of what really happened to America on September 11, 2001 for several years. I've collected numerous books, magazines, videos and DVDs that are related to this subject. Based on my research from various sources, I am convinced that the U.S. government committed a vicious criminal act against its own citizens for the larger purpose of swaying us to support both domestic and foreign policies. 9/11 was Hitler's Reichstag fire of 1933 and FDR's Pearl Harbor masterfully coordinated to achieve the desired ends of an imperialistic role for America in the world, patriotic support at home and the erosion of the constitutional rights.

If you consider yourself a rationalist, and assume that the U.S. government couldn't possibly have carried out the 9/11 attacks. Your ability to have such common sense and sound judgment should be applauded. However, the level of denial and resistance can only be explained by understanding a very basic human response: sometimes the truth is too painful for people to deal with. In this case, the perpetrators of 9/11 understood that most Americans could not permit themselves to consider the involvement of people within their own government in the attacks of that day. They could never allow themselves to even consider such a possibility, even though members of the Bush administration had openly professed that just such an event would benefit their cause. Furthermore, those responsible for the tragedy clearly understood this aspect of human psychology. That is why they can hide in plain sight without fear of discovery, regardless of how much new evidence is uncovered, and regardless of how many legitimate questions are raised about their connection to the attacks.

In the late 1990’s members of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) wrote a treatise in which they foresaw a strategic “transformation?of the U.S. military into an imperialistic force of global domination that would require a huge increase in defense spending. “The process of transformation,?the plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event ?like a new Pearl Harbor.?The members of PNAC were appointed to many high level positions in the new Bush administration. Only months after they came to power, the United States experienced a new Pearl Harbor surprisingly. That has never been publicized or explained as anything other than mere coincidence.

There is irrefutable evidence that the vice president Dick Cheney was running a completely separate chain of Command & Control via the Secret Service on the morning of 9/11, assuring the paralysis of Air Force and its ability to intercept the hijacked planes. The Secret Service has the technology to see the same radar screens the FAA sees in real time. They also have the legal authority and technological capability to take supreme command in cases of national emergency. Whenever publicly asked about the exercises, that involved simulated attacks by hijacked planes against the WTC, Cheney refused to comment and claiming the information was classified.

If anyone takes the time to examine that evidence, you will find something very disturbing yet highly probable. The material that has been amassed strongly suggests complicity in the events of 9/11 by rogue elements within American and foreign governments. It also points to direct involvement by several key members of the PNAC and Bush administration, acting on their own, outside the rule of law, without participation in any mysterious governmental conspiracy. Their motives have been clearly established and published by the culprits themselves and evidence of their involvement has been clearly established by independent research. The truth of 9/11 is stranger than fiction and we shouldn't believe the official story of what happened without inquiry. If just a few of you take the time to study a little more and become involved in the 9/11 truth movement, I will be greatly appreciated and I believe that everyone should involve in this effort to learn and spread the truth about 9/11.

Evidence of premeditation:
1. Project for a New American Century document "rebuilding America’s defenses."
2. Warning to Taliban that they would be attacked in October 2001
3. CIA & Saudi intelligence in July 2001 visit Bin Laden in American hospital in Dubai
4. Close oil business relationship between Bush and Bin Laden families

Evidence of controlled demolition of WTC buildings:
1. Pools of molten steel in 7th sub-basement
2. Vertical collapse of towers at free-fall speed
3. High velocity 300' lateral ejections of debris
4. Columns severed to 30' lengths
5. Unexplainable and suspicious collapse of WTC 7
6. Visible explosions of demolition squibs in all three building collapses
7. Infra-red satellite photos showing high temps weeks after collapse
8. FDNY communications indicating small fires in the buildings
9. Rudy Giuliani warned that towers were going to collapse, despite the fact that a steel skyscraper has never collapsed as a result of fire
10. Inability of burning jet fuel to melt or significantly weaken steel
11. Fires burning several weeks after collapse
12. Numerous witnesses and firefighters claimed explosions in towers

Evidence of foreknowledge:
1. Put options in stock market bought on Dean Witter, American and United airlines handled by company with CIA ties
2. Warnings sent to Odigo employees before the attacks took place
3. FBI requests to investigate hijackers repeatedly denied
4. Shipping Company 50% owned by state of Israel loses $50,000 by breaking lease to move from WTC days before the attack
5. Explosions in WTC FBI offices prior to collapse destroy criminal evidence
6. Condi Rice warned Willie Brown not to fly on 9-11
7. Rudy Giuliani told twin towers would collapse at 25 Barclay St. command center

Evidence of government complicity & cover-up:
1. Air force stand down and subsequent lies
2. FAA lies and destruction of evidence
3. Hijackers trained at U.S. military bases
4. Rapid removal of and destruction of evidence
5. White House refusal to allow any investigation of evidence
6. Refusal to adequately fund investigation when they couldn’t stop it completely, and stall tactics
7. Denial of cooperation with 9-11 commission
8. FBI confiscation of video tapes showing Pentagon hit
9. 9-11 commission members ignored some unanswered questions
10. Behavior of George Bush at the time of the attacks
11. $100,000 wire transfer to Mohammad Atta by ISI (Pakistani Intelligence agency created by the CIA)
12. On September 11th, CIA director Porter Goss was having breakfast with a man who made the wire transfer to Atta
13. FBI requests to investigate hijackers repeatedly denied
14. Refusal of mainstream media to report many details of the attacks
15. Government denies existence of black boxes found at WTC site
16. Marvin Bush calls off bomb sniffing dogs at WTC right before weekend of Sept.7th
17. Unprecedented "power-down" and suspicious activity of "engineers" during weekend of Sept. 7th

Evidence of motive:
1. Two wars generating billions in profits for Halliburton and oil companies
2. PNAC document describing the strategic importance of the region
3. Vastly increased pentagon funding
4. Vastly decreased freedom and civil rights
5. Huge profits of Carlyle group directly resulting from war on terror
6. Unocal pipeline in Afghanistan

Anomalies of Pentagon attack:
1. Choice of target and maneuver required to hit it
2. Airplane engine parts found were not from a 767
3. All photographic evidence confiscated and kept from public view
4. The damage on the Pentagon was significantly different from the towers
5. The hole in the side of Pentagon wasn't big enough to have been made by Flight 77
6. Absence of airline wreckage on the lawn and virtually none in the hole
7. Black box recordings were never released


"The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor." (2000)

- Project for a New American Century

"God told me to strike at Al-Qaida and I struck them, and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East."

- George W. Bush

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

- David Rockefeller

"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death."

"I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our creator - I am doing the Lord's work."

- Adolf Hitler


9/11: The Ultimate Truth

Accepting the official story of the 9/11/01 attack requires one to accept a long series of anomalies -- extremely improbable events, amazing coincidences, and contradictions.

Run-Up to the Attack

Numerous incidents preceding the attack indicate many people had advance knowledge of the attack.

Put Options:
Stock trades bet on the fall in share values for the two airlines whose planes were used in the attack.

1. Put options purchases on United Airlines and American Airlines stock rose to six times normal levels in the days preceding the attack.

Avoidance of the Airlines, the WTC, and the Pentagon:
Government officials and executives
avoided the targets
of the attack.

1. Pentagon officials canceled travel plans on September 10th.
2. San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown received a warning not to fly on September 10th.
3. Scotland Yard prohibited Salman Rushdie from flying on September 11th.
4. Two employees of Odigo, the instant messaging service, received e-mail warnings of the attack two hours before the first assault on the WTC.
5. Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, cancelled plans to address Israeli support groups in New York City on September 11th.
6. Business executives, some of whom worked in the WTC, were in Kansas to attend a meeting at Offutt Air Force Base hosted by billionaire Warren Buffett on the morning of September 11th.

Hijacking Scenario

The attack scenario was irrational on the part of the alleged hijackers, and its execution is incomprehensible in light of their behavior. There is no credible evidence that Arab hijackers were involved in the September 11th attack.

Attack Plan:
By flying from remote airports and
going far out of their way
, the attack planners exposed their plan to almost certain ruin, had the air defense system operated normally.

1. The originating airport for Flights 11 and 175 was Boston Logan instead of any of several airports near New York City. This created about 40 minutes of exposure to interception for each flight.
2. Flight 77 flew to the Midwest before turning around to return to Washington D.C.. It was airborne an hour and 23 minutes before allegedly attacking the Pentagon. That would provide ample opportunity for interception even if the air defense system were 95% disabled.
3. Flight 93 flew to the Midwest before turning around to fly toward Washington D.C. Had it reached the capital, it would have been airborne over an hour and a half. The odds of escaping interception with that plan would be infinitesimal under standard operating procedures.

Behavior of Villains:
The behavior of the alleged hijackers preceding the attack is inconsistent with skill and discipline needed to have a hope of pulling off such an attack.

1. Mohammed Atta allegedly barely caught Flight 11, a key flight in the event that he was supposedly planning for years.
2. The alleged hijackers partied at topless bars and drank alcohol, despite being portrayed as fundamentalist Muslims, for whom such behavior would be surprising.

Evidence Void:
There is no hard evidence that any of the alleged hijackers were on any of the doomed flights, and substantial evidence that some weren't involved.

1. No video of any of the 19 hijackers at any of the three originating airports of the four flights has been made public, except for a video allegedly showing hijackers of Flight 77.
2. None of the alleged hijackers' names appeared on the airlines' passenger lists.
3. At least six of the alleged hijackers have turned up alive since the attack.
4. None of the four flight crews radioed Air Traffic Control about hijackings in progress.
5. None of the four flight crews punched in the four-digit hijacking code.
6. No public evidence indicates that the remains of any of the hijackers was identified at any of the crash sites.

Phenomenal Success:
The success with which hijackers allegedly took over four jets with knives and then piloted the jets to small targets is simply miraculous.

1. None of the four flight crews were able to stop the alleged hijackers, in spite of several of the pilots being Vietnam veterans.
2. None of the alleged hijackers were good pilots, yet the three buildings were hit with phenomenal precision.

Lack of Military Response

Despite normal intercept times of between 10 and 20 minutes for errant domestic flights, the airliners commandeered on 9/11/01 roamed the skies for over an hour without interference.

Failures to Report:
According to NORAD's timeline the FAA reported errant airliners after inexplicable delays.

1. The FAA took 18 minutes to report Flight 11's loss of communication and deviation from its flight plan.
2. The FAA took 39 minutes to report Flight 77's deviation from its flight plan.

Failures to Scramble:
Interceptors were only scrambled from distant bases after long delays.

1. Despite the fact that Flights 11 and 175 were headed for New York City, no interceptors were scrambled from nearby Laguardia, or from Langley, Virginia.
2. Despite NORAD's having received formal notification of the first hijacking at 8:38, no interceptors were scrambled from Andrews to protect the nearby Pentagon until after it was hit at 9:37.

Failures to Intercept:
Once in the air, interceptors flew at only small fractions of their top speeds, assuring they would fail to intercept the airliners.

1. The two F-15s scrambled from Otis AFB to chase Flight 11 flew at an average of 447 mph, about 23.8% their top speed of 1875 mph.
2. The two F-16s scrambled from Langley to protect the capital flew at an average of 410.5 mph, about 27.4% of their top speed of 1500 mph.

Failures to Redeploy:
Nearby fighters on routine patrol duty were not redeployed to intercept the airliners, nor were fighters that belatedly reached Manhattan sent to defend the capital.

1. Two F-15s flying off the coast of Long Island were not redeployed to Manhattan until after the second tower was hit.
2. The two F-15s scrambled from Otis AFB to protect Manhattan could have reached the capital in 9.6 minutes once they arrived over New York City. That was still 34 minutes before the Pentagon was hit.

Building Collapses

On 9/11/01 three skyscrapers totally collapsed with fire given as the sole or primary cause. Fires and bombings have never before or since caused steel-frame buildings to collapse.

North Tower - 8:46am

South Tower - 9:03am

Twin Towers:
The Twin Towers
exploded into dust and shattered steel
, a behavior inconsistent with the known behavior of steel structures outside of explosive demolition.

1. The South Tower was struck 17 minutes after the North North Tower, and in a less damaging manner, and it had less severe fires, yet it collapsed 29 minutes before the North Tower.
2. The South Tower's core structure was largely undamaged by the off-centered jet impact, unlike the North Tower, yet it collapsed sooner.
3. The South Tower had much less severe fires than the North Tower, and yet collapsed sooner.
4. Smoke from the fires in the South Tower became progressively darker up to the time it collapsed.
5. Firefighters reached the crash zone of the South Tower and calmly described controllable fires.
6. Both towers started to crumble at regions well above the crash zones in the first seconds of their falls.
7. Both towers fell straight down, through themselves, following the path of maximum resistance, a behavior never before observed in spontaneous collapses of any type of vertical structure.

WTC 7 - 5:20pm

Building 7:
Building 7 imploded
late on 9/11/01. It was not hit by an aircraft.

1. Building 7 experienced total collapse, allegedly because of fires, when no steel-frame building before or since has ever collapsed, totally or even partially, due to fires. Building 7 was an over-engineered 47-story steel-frame skyscraper, standing over 350 feet from the nearest of the Twin Towers. Only small fires burned in it on September 11th.
2. Building 7 collapsed in a nearly perfectly vertical fall, leaving the buildings only 60 feet on either side virtually unscathed.
3. Building 7 collapsed into a remarkably small rubble pile of mostly pulverized remains, when no steel building falling for any reason has ever pulverized itself.
4. Building 7 contained a 23-million-dollar emergency command center, but instead of using it for its ostensible purpose, then-Mayor Giuliani evacuated his team to a makeshift command center as soon as the September 11th attack started.
5. The emergency command center was pulverized along with the rest of the building, even though it was constructed as a bomb-hardened shelter.
6. The remains of Building 7 were rapidly removed and the steel recycled, evidently without any on-site and only extremely limited off-site examination. The rapid disposal operation proceeded despite the fact that no one was believed buried in the rubble, and the tidy rubble pile was not blocking adjacent roads.

Pentagon Attack

The Pentagon attack occurred well over an hour into the crisis despite its close proximity to Andrews Air Force Base, was allegedly piloted through an extreme and precision attack maneuver by an incompetent, and resulted in the one relatively unoccupied portion of the building being hit.

Pentagon - 9:37am

Wide-Open Target:
The Pentagon -- the heart of the military establishment of the world's greatest super-power -- was hit well over an hour into the attack without being protected by any defensive action.

1. The Pentagon is within 11 miles of Andrews Air Force Base, which apparently had two combat-ready fighter wings on 9/11/01.
2. The attack plane was monitored on radar as it approached the capital.

Unlikely Super-pilot:
Alleged Flight 77 pilot Hani Hanjour was not up to the task.

1. The spiral dive approach to the Pentagon was such an extreme maneuver that experienced air traffic controllers thought it was military jet. The tree-top final approach skimmed objects in the yard and crashed the plane into the first floor of the building. Experienced pilots have wondered if any human pilot could have executed the maneuver.
2. Hani Hanjour was considered incompetent by his flight school instructors, and was denied rental of a single engine plane.

Evidence Vacuum:
Authorities systematically confiscated or destroyed the evidence.

1. Video recordings from adjacent businesses were seized by the FBI shortly after the attack and never seen since.
2. Only five frames of video have been released by the Pentagon (and then only as an unofficial leak) from all the security cameras that monitor its periphery. Those frames show signs of forgery.
3. Investigators were not allowed access to the crash site until well into October.

More than Just a Crash:
Was the crash engineered?

1. A photographed scrap of aircraft debris that has markings similar to an American Airlines 757 corresponds to the forward portion of the starboard (right) side of the plane, yet the scrap was far to the left of the plane's path.
2. Eyewitnesses reported the smell of cordite.
3. Several eyewitnesses reported that the jetliner exploded before reaching the facade of the Pentagon.
4. Portions of the facade where the wing ends and tail of a 757 would have collided show no gouging. Were these parts shredded by explosives before they reached the facade?

Death Toll

The death toll of the attack, though horrific, was much lower than it would have been if not for numerous aspects of target selection and timing.

All four flights were
unusually empty

1. Flights 11, 175, 77, and 93 were only at 47%, 31%, 28%, and 16% occupancy, respectively.

World Trade Center:
The towers were attacked before most people had arrived, and were hit high enough to allow most people to escape.

1. When Flight 11 hit the North Tower at 8:46 am, the World Trade Center buildings were at less than half the occupancy of a typical mid-day.
2. The first tower to be attacked was hit just 15 stories below the top, and trapped people mostly between the 95th and 110th floors.
3. The second tower to be attacked was hit only 30 stories below the top, and the plane missed the core, allowing people to evacuate from above the impact zone. The 17 minutes that elapsed since the first hit allowed many people to escape the second tower while the elevators were still working.

125 people were killed in a building with 20,000 people.

1. The portion of the Pentagon that was attacked, the West Block, was in the process of being renovated, and so was at low occupancy.
2. No high-level Pentagon officials were killed in the attack.


Despite the worst failure in history of the military to protect American civilians, there were no consequences for the responsible authorities, and no honest investigations.

Air Defense Failures:
No one was held to account for the numerous unprecedented failures in air defense.

1. General Richard Myers, Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on September 11th, was confirmed as Chairman on September 13th in spite of being unable to provide any meaningful answers to questions regarding the air defense failures.
2. General Richard Eberhard, commander of NORAD on September 11th, was promoted to head the newly created NORTHCOM.
3. NORAD's press release contradicted early statements by high-ranking officials that no interceptors had been scrambled on 9/11/01.
4. NORAD's vague timeline raises far more questions than it answers, yet officials have never been required to give a full account.

The collapse of the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition

Building Collapse Inquiry:
The total collapses of WTC 1, 2, and 7 were the three largest engineering failures in history (based on the official story). How were they investigated?

1. FEMA was given the sole authority to investigate the collapses even though it is not an investigative agency.
2. The investigative team assembled by FEMA consisted of unpaid volunteers.
3. The investigators were not allowed access to Ground Zero.
4. The investigators were not provided with the blueprints of the buildings.
5. FEMA's report states the causes of the collapse "remain unknown at this time". (By the time the report was released the steel had been entirely disposed of.) The fact that Building 7 (supposedly) failed in a way that contradicts 100 years of engineering experience makes it the largest and least understood structural failure in history.